Friday, August 17, 2012

EPA Announces Availability of Risk Assessment Plans for 2012 Work Plan Chemicals

This morning the EPA published Peer Review Plans for the risk assessments on the seven chemicals previously identified as 2012 work plan chemicals. According to EPA, "the plans, which form part of the Agency's Peer Review Agenda, describe the focus of the risk assessment being conducted on each chemical, indicate how peer reviewers will be selected and how the peer review will be conducted, and provide the time line for the reviews."

The External Review Drafts of the plans still need to be published in the Federal Register, and when that happens and the risk assessments become officially available there will be a 60-day public comment period. There will also be conference calls of the peer review panel in which the public can provide additional comments. 

EPA notes that the public can access and submit comments on the individual peer review plans for each chemical by using the following links:

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Unknown said...

These EPA drafts are worth mention in chemical risk assessment trainings for training risk assessors.