Saturday, January 15, 2011

South Korea expected to release a REACH-like chemicals law soon

With companies that make or import chemicals into Europe still reeling from the first deadline of REACH registration, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) in South Korea is planning to release a new chemicals law shortly.  The new law, the Chemical Regulation and Evaluation Act, is currently undergoing internal review within the MOE and other relevant government ministries and is expected to be released in late February for public comment.

Other countries have also been working on REACH-like chemicals laws, including Turkey, China, and many others.  In the US the talk of reforming the 34-year old Toxic Substances Control Act is in limbo.  Bills were introduced in both the House and Senate in 2010, but with the Republican party gaining control of the House and closing the gap in the Senate (and with hopes of taking over the Senate in 2012), the future of TSCA reform is highly uncertain at this point.

More details on Korea REACH and TSCA reform as they develop.

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