Friday, January 6, 2012

Paul Anastas, Head of Office of Research and Development, to Leave EPA

According to a tweet on the Agency's Twitter account, Paul Anastas will leave EPA in mid-February.  Anastas, whom some refer to as "The Father of Green Chemistry," has served as Director of EPA's Office of Research and Development (ORD) for the last two years.  He will return to Yale University where he once was Director of the Center for Green Chemistry and Engineering.  According to Twitter:
Dr. Anastas announces departure frm EPA, mid February to return to & family. EPA experience "rewarding, challenging & enlightening"
In an email to colleagues Anastas indicated that he will pursue research similar to what he did before at Yale. Previously Anastas had advocated the development of "greener" chemicals, i.e., those with a smaller ecological footprint and/or less toxic.  His research included the synthesis of green chemicals, polymers derived from biological sources rather than petroleum-based sources, and a variety of other practical methods used to develop safer chemicals.

Anastas writes in his email that he

"will continue to be part of the broader pursuit of sustainability through my work and research at Yale University. I have said before that while I can't always guarantee the win, I will always guarantee the fight. I have fought beside you in taking the necessary steps to protect the health and environment of the American public."
The EPA Twitter account tweeted on January 5th that:
EPA researchers will keep on the Path Forward Dr Anastas championed - Research for the 21st Century:  
Given the current state of Congress and their unwillingness to confirm even the least controversial executive positions, it is uncertain when EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and President Barack Obama will nominate a replacement to head ORD.  Last fall the President appointed Jim Jones to be Acting Director of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention to replace outgoing Director Steve Owens.  Most likely an Acting Director for ORD will be appointed, with some suggesting it could be Associate Assistant Administrator Ramona Trovato.

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