Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ECHA Gives "Guidance in a Nutshell" for Identifying Chemical Substances Under REACH

ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency based in Helsinki that manages the REACH chemical registration program, has published another in its series of "Guidance in a Nutshell" documents.  This one is on the "Identification and Naming of Substances Under REACH and CLP."  More detailed guidance documents are also available, but the "Nutshell" documents provide a concise summary of the basic information needed for compliance.  According to ECHA:

The objective of the Guidance in a Nutshell on identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP is to give guidance for manufacturers and importers on recording and reporting the identity of a substance within the context of the REACH and CLP.  It briefly explains how to name the substance and also gives guidance on whether substances may be regarded as the same in the context of those Regulations.

In addition:

This document has been drafted according to the corrigendum on Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP which has been published at the same time. The corrigendum includes editorial corrections, the replacement of outdated information, the correction of examples and references aiming to improve readability.

The Nutshell guidance document can be downloaded from the ECHA site here.

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