Monday, October 24, 2011

EPA Finalizes Third TSCA Test Rule for HPV Chemicals

The USEPA is finally promulgating a final rule under Section 4 of TSCA "to require manufacturers, importers, and processors to conduct testing to obtain screening level data for health and environmental effects and chemical fate for 15 high production volume (HPV) chemical substances listed in this final rule."  The 15 chemicals represent only half of the 29 HPV chemicals that were listed in the the draft rule, which was originally proposed nearly two years ago on February 25, 2010.  According to EPA, based on comments received on the proposed rule, the remaining chemicals were dropped because they did not" meet the criteria for testing at this time."

For the 15 chemicals listed in this final rule, manufacturers will need to conduct the specified tests and provide the data to EPA prior to the deadline, which is set for the end of 2012.  EPA notes that "this test data is needed in order to help EPA to determine whether these 15 HPV chemical substances pose a risk to human health and/or environmental safety."  Required tests vary by chemical but can include physical-chemical properties, environmental fate and degradation, aquatic toxicity, mammalian acute and reproductive/developmental toxicity, and genotoxicity.

Companies that are effected by the rule must submit test plans for each chemical within 90 days of the effective date (i.e., 90 days from November 21, 2011).

The list of chemicals can be accessed here.

A full hyperlinked version of the Federal Register notice can be accessed here.

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