Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspector General Seeks More Answers as EPA Nears Key Deadline for Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals

The Inspector General (IG) has issued a further response to EPA's continuing attempts to address issues raised by the IG regarding how EPA will assess potential endocrine disrupting chemicals.  The IG also seeks clarification that the EPA will indeed provide additional feedback by September 30, 2011.  The deadline is supposed to be when EPA will complete its prioritization approach for selecting chemicals for testing.

The crux of the concerns raised by the IG relate to an oft-repeated industry question about how EPA will use the Tier 1 screening data already underway for List 1 Test Orders.  Industry filed a petition asking EPA to "fully analyze the Tier 1 screening data received in response to the list 1 test orders and revise the guidance to be developed to reflect what is learned by the analysis in order to ensure scientifically sound determinations and to protect the public health and the environment."  Last month EPA issued a Federal Register notice seeking public comment on the industry petition.

The IG's memorandum indicates that they are satisfied with EPA's response to recommendations 4 and 5 pending agreed upon Agency action.  The IG also was satisfied with responses to recommendations 3(a) and 6.  However, while the IG indicates that EPA is showing progress in developing a "mutually satisfactory solution" for recommendations 1, 2 and 3(b), the IG was "seeking additional information regarding OCSPP's planned corrective actions for these recommendations." They also wanted to have clarification of what would be completed by September 30, 2011 and what would not be completed until a Management Plan is published on June 30, 2012.

The IG memorandum can be read here and downloaded as a PDF.

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