Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cadmium to be Added to Priority Testing List Under Toxic Substances Control Act

The TSCA InterAgency Testing Committee (ITC) has added cadmium and 103 other cadmium compounds to the Priority Testing List.  The action came in the 68th semiannual report to the EPA Administrator by the ITC.  According to the ITC, the action is necessary because EPA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission believe there is reason for concern about cadmium in children's toys, jewelry, and a variety of other consumer products.

The ITC report was published in the Federal Register on August 1, 2011.

The main concerns identified for cadmium include developmental effects in animals such as fetal teratogenicity.  Conclusive evidence of harm in humans has not been seen, but the animal effects led to the ITC's decision to include cadmium on their list for further assessment.  This action in the US mirrors to some extent a similar action in the EU in the spring.

The ITC list is a rolling list, and several chemicals were removed for various reasons.  Currently the priority list "includes 2 alkylphenols, 16 chemicals with insufficient dermal absorption rate data, 178 HPV Challenge Program orphan chemicals, and cadmium and 103 cadmium compounds."

The full ITC report can be viewed on the web site.

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