Thursday, July 28, 2011

Environmental and Health Organizations Say "Fully Fund the National Children's Study"

A group of national and state environmental and health organizations have written a letter to the Senate and House Committees on Appropriations calling for full funding of the National Children’s Study.  The study was "authorized by the Children’s Health Act of 2000," and is "one of the most comprehensive national efforts to study environmental, social and genetic influences on children’s health, including air, water, diet, noise, family dynamics and community and cultural influences."  Unfortunately, it has never been properly funded.

According to a press release by the Environmental Working Group, one of the 24 organizations that signed the letter, it includes:
“There are great and growing concerns about the increased rate of chronic and acute disease in the United States, and the National Children’s Study is designed to help all Americans have a better understanding of the links between those diseases and our environment. However, to ensure the study’s success, it is critical that it continue to receive the necessary funding throughout each and every stage. No study has ever followed children from before birth to age 21, but to do so the National Children’s Study must receive sufficient and consistent funding.”

Further, the letter says that "the study will examine how the events and exposures of early life can lead to specific outcomes including birth defects, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and mental health disorders among other possible outcomes." It suggests that "science continues to emerge and show that early exposures, especially those during vulnerable times of development, are linked to future adverse health effects."

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