Friday, June 17, 2011

ECHA Recommends 13 Chemicals for REACH Authorization (i.e., for the EU "to be banned" chemicals list)

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recommended thirteen additional chemicals for inclusion on its Annex XIV Authorization list.  These chemicals had been listed on ECHA's "candidate list" of Substances of Very High Concern" (SVHC).  Following consultation and comment, the 13 chemicals could be added to the list of chemicals that will be phased out from continued use, unless the manufacturer/importer applies for an "authorization" for an extended phase out period.  This is the third time ECHA has recommended a set of chemicals for inclusion on Annex XIV.

The following substances are on the third recommendation list:

  1. Chromium trioxide;
  2. Chromic acid, Oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid;
  3. Sodium dichromate;
  4. Potassium dichromate;
  5. Ammonium dichromate;
  6. Potassium chromate;
  7. Sodium chromate;
  8. Trichloroethylene;
  9. Cobalt(II) sulphate;
  10. Cobalt dichloride;
  11. Cobalt(II) dinitrate;
  12. Cobalt(II) carbonate;
  13. Cobalt(II) diacetate.
According to ECHA's press release:

Using the web forms available on ECHA’s website, interested parties are invited to comment, in particular on the uses that should be exempted from the authorisation requirement.

More information about how to comment and the authorization process can be found here.

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