Friday, January 28, 2011

Poll by Cleaning Products Organization Shows People Like Antibacterial Soaps

Questions have been raised about the use of antibacterial soaps, but a new poll released by the American Cleaning Institute (formerly the Soap and Detergent Association), finds that "the vast majority of Americans uses antibacterial soap and finds it to be a useful tool to prevent the spread of germs."  In fact, according to the survey conducted by Fabrizio, Ward and Associates, about "two-thirds of Americans would be “angry” at any government attempts to ban the products."

According to ACI, among the key findings of the poll:
  • Nearly three-quarters of American consumers (74%) use antibacterial soap (56% use it regularly), finding it a very useful tool to prevent the spread of germs at home, in health care settings, schools, restaurants, child care centers, and public restrooms 
  • 75% of moms with children in the household would be “angry” if the government took antibacterial soap off the market
  • Overall, two-thirds of consumers would be upset if the government took antibacterial soap off the market
  • 84% of adults do not have any health or environmental concerns about antibacterial soap
  • By an eight-to-one margin, consumers would rather have the choice to buy antibacterial soap over removing it from the market based on alleged health and environment concerns

The poll results can be seen in this presentation.

The American Cleaning Institute represents "producers of household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products, their ingredients and finished packaging; oleochemical producers; and chemical distributors to the cleaning product industry."  Their web site is:

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