Friday, January 7, 2011

EPA Takes Next Step in Test Rule for BPA

Almost a year ago the EPA issued a Chemical Action Plan (CAP) for bisphenol-A, commonly called simply BPA, a chemical used in many plastics.  And just before the holiday break EPA took the next step in managing what it sees as potential risks of BPA by sending a proposed test rule to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  The proposed rule looks to require toxicity testing related to environmental effects, including the potential for endocrine disruption.

No human health-related testing is being proposed at this time since most human exposure seems to be through packaging and that comes under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration.  FDA and the Centers for Disease Control are undertaking new studies.  But EPA is looking at evaluating the potential for environmental exposures from BPA in surface, ground, and drinking waters, and also may request monitoring near landfills, soil and sediment, as well as other sources of BPA leakage.

It's unclear how long OMB will take in its review.

The CAP for BPA can be downloaded here.

Other action plans and information can be found on EPA's Existing Chemicals web site.

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